Maximize your profit
with the best dialer
system callings24

Our system is already used by more than 12.000 happy agents.

You will be pleased by our customized dialer which was established precisely, accurate and based on the wishes of our clients since Eight years. This experience made us to the first choice of dialer systems. Optimize now your workflow and reach the maximum of your possible
profit with callings24.


CPU = Quad Core Xeon E5680 3.33 GHZ
RAM = 96 Gbyte DDR3
HDD = 8 x 300GB SAS
NETWORK = 100 Mbit/s

Easiest control/handling ever. It can be handled super easily from your agents so they can work highly efficient with our self scripted software solutions. Any extra whish from your side can be established on top


Worldwide access to your System and control of
your agents with any Device is possible any time.


1 Create as many accounts as you want for your agents
2 Send a phone number of your choice for any call you are doing
3 Add any new field you want to your system
4 QC recordings and reports of all your agents included
5 Works on any device including iOS or Android
6 Joining any calls of your agents is possible any time. Listening, talking, whispering to your agent is possible any time
7 Recording any call is possible any time manually or automatically
8 Dialing accuracy per agent from 1-15
9 Chat function
10 Reports can be sent automatically by end of a day to your e-mail account
11 Your own logo can appear on the dialer (customized dialer for your own purpose.)

12 One website domain will be reserved and operated for you
13 Unlimited campaigns possible
14 Automatic bank account check of your customers is on board to give you safety at closing your deals
15 Automatic recognizing Mailboxes so you can save money and time on your outgoing callings
16 Blacklist unhappy customers and doublecheck numbers automatically with our system
17 Calendar synchronizing included
18 Power and predictive dialer for best efficiency and profit maximizing
19 Adjust the start and ending of your daily operating times so every agent is working simultaneously and not on uncommon times
20 Add your own wishes to your own system. Our Services will make it possible and is offering this optionally based on your own ideas.
21 Talk to us about any other options you are missing and we will make it possible
22 What are you waiting for? Just contact us now and lets maximize your income.